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Random photo ecards

Here's a random selection of photo ecards which have a snowy theme, ideal for the Christmas season.

Big trees Cactii The Chester Wheel Snow, close up Wisteria Walking up Tryfan Snowy trees Snowy trees Horse Chestnut Leaves Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral River Wasps and flies

Singing Birthday Ecards

from happybirthdaytoyou.com
HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou

Site Updates (Full List)

Alzheimer's and The Highwayman

I saw two short film documentaries on Vimeo today which brought a tear to my eye. The first is The San Diego Highwayman, about Thomas Weller, a.k.a. “The San Diego Highwayman”, who has been rescuing people stranded on the side of the road for 48 years.

The second is a very moving 3 minute, 42 second film called People with Alzheimer's tell us memories they never want to forget. The title says it all.

Life is short! Like the British poet Philip Larkin said in his poem The Mower, we should be careful Of each other, we should be kind While there is still time..


Julius Yego - The YouTube Man

I saw a short documentary recently called Julius Yego - The YouTube Man - this is a summary of his story:

Discover the incredible story and journey of Julius Yego as he recounts his humble beginnings being raised in a Cheptonon village in Kenya, training with simple wooden sticks, to becoming the Javelin World Champion in 2015.

With no access to proper javelin coaching and facilities, Julius Yego was able to become his own teacher through watching videos on YouTube of his javelin idols and began trying to replicate their training techniques on his own.


Fuel and The Moon

This weekend I've seen 2 very different animations, Fuel and Lunette. Very impressive skills went into the production of both of them.


California and Snowdonia

Two very beautiful short films from California and the UK.

I'd like to visit California, have have been lucky enough to visit Snowdonia in North Wales which is about 85 miles from where I live.


June 2016 Updates

For some reason an update email was sent out last night about some photo ecards I added to the site in Summer 2015. I'm not sure why, sorry about that.

I've not sent an update for a long time - apart from one last week about Emoji designs, which I have now moved into the All Sorts section, including activities, cute animals, flags, food and drink, nature, objects, people, religion, symbols and travel and places.

I've added some wonderful new video ecards in recent months - showing what a varied and amazing world we live in...

Short Films:
Closet Space
The Talk
Throw Me To The Dogs
Buzkashi Boys
How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps
Three Brothers

Onbashira Matsuri, Japan
We Live This
Flashes of the Altai
Raw Run Trollstigen

There isn't enough time in one person's life to keep up with all of the videos added to the internet every day!


Love is the Only Reason We're Alive

A beautiful short film, called Love is the Only Reason We're Alive.