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12 new photo ecards

I've added 12 new photo ecards this evening. They are mainly taken in and around a pretty little village in Staffordshire, UK, called Warslow, which is in the Peak District.


Three Primerframe Animations

I saw this animated short film today, called Orbitas by a Spanish company called Primerframe. There are no words spoken in it at all, but it is still a very engaging and beautifully told story.

Same goes for two of their other animated comedies, El Vendedor de Humo and Friend Sheep. Amazingly well done, well crafted, and sprinkled with a great sense of humour.


Run Jose, and Odile et Michel

I've added a new documentary ecard, which is a powerful 3 minute, 11 second piece about a man who was forced to fight as a child soldier.

On July 6th, I added Odile et Michel. The twist in this brilliant comedy short is all in the subtitles.


Two new video ecards

I saw this video - First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast this week - showing the reaction of cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast eating chocolate for the first time. What would they say to see all of the insane amount of chocolate stacked up in the supermarkets and shops and petrol stations in the USA and Europe?

And also I saw this lovely video: Magical Europe - Timelapse. Amazing stuff.


Some new photos

Here are some new summery flower photos. There are ten in all.