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Random photo ecards

Here's a random selection of photo ecards which have a snowy theme, ideal for the Christmas season.

Inside London Eye 8 Snowy field Snowy lane Porthdinllaen RNLI launch ramp London Eye 7 Sycamore leaves and a step Cactus Wasps and flies River Bull Moth or butterfly Marigold

Singing Birthday Ecards

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HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou

Site Updates (Full List)

The Runners

I just saw a very beautiful and moving documentary. How could it be that asking complete strangers jogging in London could lead to such beauty, wisdom and insight? I don't know, but it's happened here - see The Runners.


The Weight of Light

The Weight of Light - a very interesting documentary (5 minutes long) - Off-grid communities such as those in sub-Saharan Africa can pay thousands of times as much as the rest of us for their energy. Designer Jim Reeves has developed a simple, low-cost gear-train and generator that uses a descending weight to power a perpetual light source. Children can do their homework and study, families and friends can eat together and interact after dark adding new dimensions and possibilities to their lives.


New Video Ecard Roundup

Ours is a world of contrasts. Here are some:

Traffic Stop - a documentary: Alex Landau, who is African American, recalls how he nearly lost his life following a traffic stop with the Denver police. He and his mother, Patsy, who is white, remember that night and how it changed them both forever. No charges were pressed against the officers who beat him up.

Onward, a documentary about a man from Mongolia, learning to hunt with eagles to reconnect with his past.

Make Inishturk Great Again - a documentary about a small island in the West of Ireland, which has offered refuge for Americans should Donal Trump become President.

High Chaparral - a documentatory about a Wild West theme park in Sweden offering a safe haven for Syrian Refugees.

On a lighter note, Home Suite Home - a short film starring Gene Bervoets, Thekla Reuten and Slimane Dazi. Nothing escapes the attention of veteran hotel inspector Ludwig, from the timing of his wake-up call to the art on the wall and the wine with his dinner. The consummate professional has practically built a home for himself inside his job. A chance meeting with a much younger, female inspector—and several bottles of wine—help him to break his routine.

Breaking Point - a powerful representation of the desire to protect children.

And finally, on a very light note, don’t forget The Naughty Princess.


Alzheimer's and The Highwayman

I saw two short film documentaries on Vimeo today which brought a tear to my eye. The first is The San Diego Highwayman, about Thomas Weller, a.k.a. “The San Diego Highwayman”, who has been rescuing people stranded on the side of the road for 48 years.

The second is a very moving 3 minute, 42 second film called People with Alzheimer's tell us memories they never want to forget. The title says it all.

Life is short! Like the British poet Philip Larkin said in his poem The Mower, we should be careful Of each other, we should be kind While there is still time..


Julius Yego - The YouTube Man

I saw a short documentary recently called Julius Yego - The YouTube Man - this is a summary of his story:

Discover the incredible story and journey of Julius Yego as he recounts his humble beginnings being raised in a Cheptonon village in Kenya, training with simple wooden sticks, to becoming the Javelin World Champion in 2015.

With no access to proper javelin coaching and facilities, Julius Yego was able to become his own teacher through watching videos on YouTube of his javelin idols and began trying to replicate their training techniques on his own.


Fuel and The Moon

This weekend I've seen 2 very different animations, Fuel and Lunette. Very impressive skills went into the production of both of them.