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Christmas ecards tend to be the most popular category on the site at this time of year. With that in mind, here are 9 randomly selected designs from the festive ecards category:

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Random Praise

Your cards are cool, by far the best I have found, without pathetic, cartoonish ilustrations and soppy rubbish.
i really enjoy your cards. in fact, i'm going crazy about it! make some more. . . .:)
Your designs are the most visually thoughtful and artful that I have come across.
Lovely simple clean designs with the added sparkle of a little flash!
I am finally not ashamed to send e-cards anymore...non of the usual drivel
Nice site with no signing up hassle - thank you!

We do different!

We try to be different. You won't find the usual cheesy rubbish here... Finally, there is an alternative to the grim and cheesy world of ecards. If you've ever spent a few minutes looking for a decent ecard to send, you've probably come across sites with dancing bears and soft focus kittens, schmaltzy flowers and cutesy graphics. If so, explore our site, and have a look at our designs. Hopefully you'll find something to suit your taste.

We offer something for people with good taste, perhaps a digital equivalent of a thoughful hand made card you might find in a craft shop or a place that isn't run by a huge corporation, where you can go to the same shop in a thousand different towns and always get the same choice.

Spam and nag free

We promise that if you send a card from our site, you won't receive a single email from us nagging you to sign up, or to buy things, and we will never pass on your details to third party companies. We think your privacy is important. Also, you don't have to sign up to use our site.

The Good Stuff!

If you're looking for something a little bit different, you've come to the right place. A lot of our flash designs are based around some amazing flash from sites like Wonderfl, Beautifl, Seraph, Levitated, Bit-101 and Deconcept. We think we something different from the rest of the pack, and we hope you do too.


Over the years we have also added a wide range of video ecards. Again, we've tried to be selective. As you probably know, youtube and vimeo have a lot of amazing content, and also a lot of bad taste drivel. We've collected together some of the more interesting and thought-provoking videos.

Apple / Smart Phone Friendly?

Some of our designs use flash, which won't work on iphones, ipods, ipads, nexus / google android phones. Fear not however, as a lot of our content is made up of videos, which is compatible with smart phones (and so are our image based designs). Also, all of our photos can be sent using a smart phone, so there is still plenty of choice. View our smart phone friendly ecards to see what's available. That still leaves over 200 ecards you can use, not including about 600 photo ecards which are on the site.

Random photo ecards

Singing Christmas Ecards

from happychristmastoyou.com

Singing Christmas Ecard Singing Christmas Ecard Singing Christmas Ecard Singing Christmas Ecard Singing Christmas Ecard

Site Updates (Full List)

Custom Ecard Image

From today, I've added a new option for users where you can upload a small custom image, 250 Kb max size. You need a user account first.

Then that image appears on your ecards - useful for a bit of corporate branding perhaps for christmas ecards?


The Moped Diaries

A new short film called Moped Diaries. Your life is your story. Make it a good one.


Sketchy Santa

This Sketchy Santa ecard has been on the site for a year or two, but I watched it again this evening with my kids and laughed a lot, so thought I'd let you know it's here, in case you've not seen it before. The song really adds to the whole experience!



#AmeriCAN is a short film and public service announcement that comes in response to events that have divided the USA over racial lines. With the influx of violence against black males in America over the past few years, the piece strives to offer a unique perspective in examining the value of lives of the country’s citizens. The intention of the message, “all lives matter,” is to pull people together from both sides of the disparity and inspire the kind of empathy and mutual understanding necessary to promote meaningful discourse and domestic reconciliation. The goal is to bring all people together, without exception to race, religion, gender or age, and send the message that all blood flows red.



The Groundsman, one of a few new ecards

Just added The Groundsman to the site, a 16 minute short film featuring an amazing performance by David O'Hara.

One of a few added this evening.


16 new photos

I've added 16 new photo ecards this evening. Some were taken this morning, and are of sunrays shining through morning fog. Some were taken yesterday, as there were some huge clouds in late afternoon / evening. Others are from 2009 and 2012, old sunsets / sunrises.


79 new photo ecards

I've added 79 photo ecards today.

View in a gallery if you prefer.

Mostly taken in September 2014, during a family holiday to Scotland.

There are also quite a few taken of clouds and sunsets, which I've taken over the past year using the fairly basic camera on the Samsung Galaxy Ace phone.


31 new ecards

I've added 31 new ecards this evening.

My favourite is Danny Macaskill cycling over the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

However, Can We Auto Correct Humanity? is excellent as well.

Then again, Norway Timelapse is also very beautiful!