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Trees and light Two roses Bostock Woods in the snow Grizedale trees Race horse Inside London Eye 8 Beech leaves Two men and a discussion on Tryfan Old Dee Bridge Trees and light Horse's Head Flowers

Singing Birthday Ecards

from happybirthdaytoyou.com
HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou

Site Updates (Full List)

Four Updates - new ecards and photos and Animated GIFs arrive

Lots of updates this evening.

1. A new GIF Animations category

2. A bit early, but a new Animated Christmas GIFs category.

3. Fifty three new photos, from Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

4. Various other new animated gifs added to the site - the full list of new ecards are here. Some are new Halloween designs, and some are in the Get Well Soon section. Since removing all flash content last week I'll be slowly adding in more animated GIF designs as and when I can find good quality designs. They don't offer interactions like the flash designs did, but some of them are still pretty striking.



Sixy Two New Ecards

I've added 62 new ecards this evening.

Some are in a new Love Songs category, and the rest are scattered around the site, and are mainly taken from Behance.

As a follow on from yesterday's announcement about Flash - it is still possible to send ecards from the site - e.g. image / photo and video based designs. I removed all flash designs, but everything else is still there!


Flash ecards removed for good

As of 20th July 2015, all flash content has been removed from the site. If you have sent a flash ecard, it can still be collected by the recipient, but it will not be possible to send any new flash ecards.

This is partly because flash is not supported on mobile devices - Steve Jobs started the ball rolling on that front (more info here and here).

I used to think it was fine for people on PCs, Macs etc. to use the flash player, but then on 20th July 2015 I read that Facebook calls for end to Flash as Firefox blocks it over hacking holes.

That was the nail in the coffin for me. I probably should have learnt how to do animations using CSS3, Javascript and HTML5 but as I run this site as a hobby, I don't have the time unfortunately, so I just switched off 191 flash ecards this evening. Sorry if you liked them, but there seems no point in carrying on with flash as it seems its glory days are over.

I'm aware that there are tools available to convert Flash to HTML5 but having tried Swiffy I found that it doesn't really work all that well and that the converted versions didn't always include the interactivity that was included in Flash.

Sorry :-(