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Happy Birthday With a Twist

We all need a bit of class on our birthday - how about something a bit different? Here are a few unique cards which offer a unique take on the old classic "Happy Birthday" tune...


Funny Birthday Cards

If the creative ecard versions of the "Happy Birthday" tune don't take your fancy, why not try one of the following funny birthday ecards:


Classic Birthday Designs

Sometimes, a nice straight-forward card is all that's needed, rather than one with bells, whistles, music, songs and jokes. Here is a selection of hand-picked classic designs which are more like a card you might buy in a shop and send in the post.


Belated Birthday Cards

Forgotten someone's birthday? We've got it covered - try one of the following:


More than just birthday ecards

As well as Birthday Ecards, we have a host of other designs, more than enough perhaps to last a few years...


If you need something to cover the standard kind of expressions one might want to convey to people, such as congratulations and thinking of you to name but two, then look no further.

Emoji Ecards

Looking for some lovely bold images instead, covering a vast range of different areas - how about trying one of our emoji ecards?

Short Films

If you happen to like the world of short films, there's a good chance we've got something for you.

There are hundreds of film ecards to choose from, covering all sorts of topics, from action sports, amazing and inspiring videos, animations (including funny and stop motion), through provoking documentaries, and a huge and diverse range of wonderful, witty, edgy and sometimes disturbing short films.

Simon's Cat

Always popular on jimpix - the ever charming and funny Simon's Cat.

Music Ecards

If music is your thing - we've got a lot to choose from - be it classical, films and musicals, music for kids, funny songs and finally, a whole load of lovely classic songs.

Loving the Love

Love is never far from people's hearts - send an ecard relating to matters of the heart - covering short films about love, bold and punchy romantic images, love songs, and a sprinking of valentines.

We're not done yet...

And still there's more - why not try the "all sorts" section - featuring art and design, animals, funny photos, clouds, poetry and quotes.

But seriously - last bit - photo ecards!

If none of the above tickles your fancy or hits the right spot - have a look through the wide range of photo ecards split into 21 different categories. Look on them as a blank canvas for your own message. Here's a selection for you:

Frost on a car Flower Frosty metal Beech leaves Big scots pine Dandelion Clock Grizedale metal sculpture 9 - owl Ghostly Flower Autumn views Cheshire trees Rhino, Chester Zoo Hill road Cloud and sun Snowy trees Trees, Moel Famau Snowy lane South Stack clouds Trees / building at Dunham Massey Addleshaw Tower, Chester Morning trees London Eye 8 Snowy branches Wast Water View Snowy barn Yr Eifl / a boat A barn, from Shutlingsloe Christies Charity at the top of Snowdon Old Dee Bridge Spring scene Dragonfly Llyn Ogwen / Pen yr Ole Wen from Tryfan

Random photo ecards

Here's a random selection of photo ecards:

Snowy path Roman soldier on horse Manchester Airport Viewing Park Trio Flowers at Norfolk Lavender Richard: Second Marquess of Westminster, Grosvenor Park, Chester Hill road Snowy trees Frost on a car Snowy lane Door / stone Dragonfly Dandelion Clock

Singing Birthday Ecards

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HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou HappyBirthDayToYou

Site Updates (Full List)


A new video ecard, Alive

We traveled three weeks through the northern Himalayas of India, from Himachal Pradesh to Kashmir. It was a journey from valleys to peaks up to 5000m. We experienced a massive amount of different cultures, three major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, met incredible people, saw never seen before nature and walked right next to the wildest animals. It´s nearly impossible to recreate this experience and our feelings and to compress it to just 3 minutes. So I tried to express the spirit of our journey. What we felt more than anything else, is to be alive.



Love, Dad

No update since July! Sorry for the lack of updates.

I added a very powerful short film this evening called Love, Dad. You can read more about it on Short of the Week:

But this sums it up:

On the outskirts of Cairo, lies an entire city made out of, and built on top of discarded trash. It’s home to the Zabaleen - ‘people of the garbage’ - who collect, and recycle everything from old food, plastic wrappers, tires, to aluminum cans. Each family has a specific role, from the smallest child to the oldest grandparent, sorting the waste and continuing the family business. 25 years ago, A woman named Maggie Groban, known as ‘Mama Maggie,’ did something unexpected. She started a school right in the heart of Garbage City. A first for the Zabaleen. Suddenly, families had a hard choice to make. One that would surely cost them immediate profit loss by not putting the kids to work. However, a few brave parents took a risk - and put their kids in school.


The Runners

I just saw a very beautiful and moving documentary. How could it be that asking complete strangers jogging in London could lead to such beauty, wisdom and insight? I don't know, but it's happened here - see The Runners.


The Weight of Light

The Weight of Light - a very interesting documentary (5 minutes long) - Off-grid communities such as those in sub-Saharan Africa can pay thousands of times as much as the rest of us for their energy. Designer Jim Reeves has developed a simple, low-cost gear-train and generator that uses a descending weight to power a perpetual light source. Children can do their homework and study, families and friends can eat together and interact after dark adding new dimensions and possibilities to their lives.


New Video Ecard Roundup

Ours is a world of contrasts. Here are some:

Traffic Stop - a documentary: Alex Landau, who is African American, recalls how he nearly lost his life following a traffic stop with the Denver police. He and his mother, Patsy, who is white, remember that night and how it changed them both forever. No charges were pressed against the officers who beat him up.

Onward, a documentary about a man from Mongolia, learning to hunt with eagles to reconnect with his past.

Make Inishturk Great Again - a documentary about a small island in the West of Ireland, which has offered refuge for Americans should Donal Trump become President.

High Chaparral - a documentatory about a Wild West theme park in Sweden offering a safe haven for Syrian Refugees.

On a lighter note, Home Suite Home - a short film starring Gene Bervoets, Thekla Reuten and Slimane Dazi. Nothing escapes the attention of veteran hotel inspector Ludwig, from the timing of his wake-up call to the art on the wall and the wine with his dinner. The consummate professional has practically built a home for himself inside his job. A chance meeting with a much younger, female inspector—and several bottles of wine—help him to break his routine.

Breaking Point - a powerful representation of the desire to protect children.

And finally, on a very light note, don’t forget The Naughty Princess.


Alzheimer's and The Highwayman

I saw two short film documentaries on Vimeo today which brought a tear to my eye. The first is The San Diego Highwayman, about Thomas Weller, a.k.a. “The San Diego Highwayman”, who has been rescuing people stranded on the side of the road for 48 years.

The second is a very moving 3 minute, 42 second film called People with Alzheimer's tell us memories they never want to forget. The title says it all.

Life is short! Like the British poet Philip Larkin said in his poem The Mower, we should be careful Of each other, we should be kind While there is still time..