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Name generator

This page, unlike the regular random name generator, allows you to enter your own text into the generator, which gives you personalised suggestions.

How to use this name generator

First, decide if you're going to enter the "given name" (otherwise known as "christian name" or "first name") or surname:

  1. Given Name: type in the name, e.g. John or Sophia, and then in the second pick-list, select "Surname", to tell the generator you want it to combine the Given Name you have typed, with random surname suggestions. You can use the first pick list to select a nationality for the surname, or leave it to choose one randomly for you.
  2. Surname: type in the surname, e.g. Bloggs or Smith, and choose "given name" from the second pick-list. The generator will then combine the suname you have provided with random "given names". Use the first pick-list to choose the given-name nationality, or choose one at random.

Male or Female

You can use the last pick list on the right to choose whether to limit results to be male or female. Note, that will only be relevant if you are asking the generator to provide random "given names".

Alternative Option

If you would like to generate some random names, where the first name and surname are randomly generated, you could try the random name generator instead.

Random Samples

Logan Lintweaver
Mauro Wilson
Orla Christensen
Eren Guzmán
Jake Mehrtens
Alan Diesel
Logan Da silva
Violet Valenzuela
Emily Rupp
Jessica Sørensen