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Free Sheet Music for Violin, Viola and Cello

Articles » Using A "Mixture Of Stones"

As a violin teacher I have always found that beginners, especially younger ones, tend to ignore anything except the pitch of the notes. Some of them may also attempt to play with correct rhythm ( for example if they are more advanced on another instrument) but bowing indications and dynamics are usually treated as something totally alien. Many pupils remain the same until the approach of their first grading examination which is often a point when they can be persuaded to observe them but not necessarily translate them into meaningful musicality.

Consequently I have always tried to introduce basic dynamics ( f and p) up and down bow indications and accents as early as possible. I have found that a good way to do this is is by taking an unmarked piece and helping the pupil(s) to put their own markings in - discussing each one and it's meaning as it is added and then playing that section demonstrating while doing so that there is a clear knowledge of the physical and musical needs necessitated - soon most of them will be playing the whole piece as it is marked.

The collection of pieces 'A Mixture of Stones' (of which eight very easy or easy standard pieces are available on violinandviola now and more may be added in the future) are deliberately left without markings so as to provide the beginner with an opportunity to learn by adding suitable ones to them. I hope teachers and their pupils find them useful and enjoyable.

You can find the relevant pieces of music by gonig to our music search page and typing mixture of stones in the search box, and then click on the red "search" button.