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Muffin The Mule, or how about Dobbin?

Are you lucky enough to be in the position to buy your own horse or pony, but need a name for it?

I'm joking, thinking you might want to call it Muffin, or Dobbin, but choosing the right name for your horse can take a while, so you might be interested in trying this random horse name generator.

How to choose a random horse name

You can just click on the green "Go" button, and some random suggestions will appear.

If you want to be more specific, you can use the first drop-down list to choose an initial letter for the name of your equine charge.

You can use the 2nd field to choose how long the name is.

And finally, if you want to spice things up a bit, you can use the 3rd field to choose a word to go in front of you horse's name - e.g. if you choose "emotions" you might then end up with combinations like "Excited Nacho" or "Giddy Archie".

There are thousands of possible combinations - hopefully you'll have some fun trying them out.

Horse 1  Horse 2  Horse 2 

Random Horse Name Suggestions

Friday   Bitch   Molly   Larry   Ollie   Poppy   Vegas   Gambler   Eli   Robby   Moonshine   Tom   Roshanna   Uri   Ronan   Malak   Ember   Sassy   Dewy   Pocket   Shorty   Apache   Peanut   Calamity   Counsel   Hercules   Cleveland   Portia   Cappicino   Fiz   Apollo   Snuffy   Flicka   Flirt   Ansel   Genesis   Seabiscuit   Natacha   Georgia   Lucy   Tommy   Wildebeast   Hampton   Digger   Taco   Fiddle   Bandera   Kermit   Pistol   Hobo   Arrow   Buttermilk   Ulysses   Jazz   Jasper   Babe   Fletch   Sargent   Mary   Chodak   Annie   Dillinger   Woody   Trapper   Pierce   Dusty   Roma   Ruby   Cookie   Zoey   Val   Logan   Andy   Koda   Dancer   Gitano   Cruise   Hooch   Cisco   Cricket   Sherman   Camanchi   Hetty   Zodiac   Copper   Flora   Budweiser   Annapolis   Gucci   Bard   Ajax   Kodiak   Jed   Monty   Red   Ringo   Galiath   Indiana   Patriot   Pueblo