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shooly weep

wooly sheep » shooly weep » shoolyweep

fumping cleet

clumping feet » fumping cleet » fumpingcleet

a strew fagglers

a few stragglers » a strew fagglers » astrewfagglers

spooked on hoonerisms

hooked on spoonerisms » spooked on hoonerisms » spookedonhoonerisms

doudy clay

cloudy day » doudy clay » doudyclay

flax tags

tax flags » flax tags » flaxtags

lapped in the trift

trapped in the lift » lapped in the trift » lappedinthetrift

mour silk

sour milk » mour silk » moursilk

bavey groat

gravey boat » bavey groat » baveygroat

beavy hoots

heavy boots » beavy hoots » beavyhoots