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Username Generator - background notes

The regular random username generator lets you generate lists of usernames made up of words picked from lists of categories.

However, most of the time people want a username which is personal, and that means something to them. With this tool, you can enter your own word, and then pick from the list of categories to generate related usernames.

Optional settings

The most commonly used parts of the form will be the first 2 fields ("Your Word" and "Category")

However, if you want your username to be e.g up to 15 characters, or exactly 15 characters, you can specify that on the form. You can also choose if you want the free text word you enter to appear at the start or end of the username, or also just let it appear randomly.

Worried face  Racing car  Expressionless face  Smiling face with sunglasses  Bookmark  Womans clothes  Round pushpin  Face with rolling eyes  Oncoming taxi  Moyai  Circled ideograph accept  Closed mailbox with raised flag  Police officer  Tiger  Vibration mode  Virgo  Footprints  Memo  Articulated lorry  Passport control 

Emoji Username Generator

Hammer  Peach  Kissing face with closed eyes  Honey pot  Full moon with face  Two women holding hands  Raised hand  Clock face eleven-thirty  Penguin  Umbrella with rain drops  File cabinet  Fire engine  Vertical traffic light  Cat face  Bento box  Lock with ink pen  Sleeping symbol  Jack-o-lantern  Wedding  Chart with downwards trend 

Twitter Usernames

Twitter puts a 15 character limit on the length of the username you can use when creating an account with them. Therefore, this tool might give you a helping hand in allowing you to specify how long you want your username to be. Just the username length value from the "Length Limit" pick list (the first of the green fields on the form above).

One Word Usernames

If you'd prefer a nice snappy one word username, try our one word usernames page.