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Unread Ecards

While you might think this this level of detail is a bit over the top for a lowly ecard site, these 3 steps might help explain the mechanics of someone successfully viewing an ecard you send to them.

1. Ecard Sent

When you send an ecard to someone, that person is sent a notification email which contains a link to the ecard you have created. While we can confirm that the email has been sent from our site without a problem, we have no way to guarantee that the email will actually be delivered to the recipient.

2. Notification Email Delivered

If you received a success message when you sent the ecard, it means a notification email was sent from our site.

However, that's not a 100% guarantee that the recipient will have received it. Many mail providers will have strict filtering policies in place which will either move our mail notifications to a spam folder, or in some cases delete it. Additionally, many people also have additional spam filtering software in place on their computers, which might also trap our emails.

It might be worth asking recipients to check if our notification emails have been moved into their spam folders - either the one on their PCs if using an email application like Outlook / Outlook Express, or online via their mail provider's website.

3. View ecard link clicked

Following on from that, even if they receive the email, they might not click on the link to view the ecard, as some people are wary about following links on emails which are from organisations they do not know. Therefore, we also cannot guarantee that your ecard recipient will follow the link in the notification email, even if they receive the email in the first place!

Options to help you out

1. Sign up for a user account to track your ecards

If you sign up for a free user account you will be able to use our facility which allows you to track your sent ecards.

Once you have signed up and logged in, go to your sent ecards page.

Sent ecards are listed in a table, most recent at the top.

The table contains a number of columns:

  1. Design - the design you chose for your ecard. Click the image to view your ecard
  2. Card Date - date you sent your ecard
  3. Queue Date - this will contain a date if you chose to schedule a future send-date. If the card has been sent, it will have a tick against it as well
  4. Read Receipt - confirms if you opted to receive a read receipt email once your ecard has been read
  5. Read Date - the date your ecard was read
  6. To - who your ecard was sent to
  7. Actions - see below

In the "Actions" column on the right hand side you will see various options:

  1. Preview Ecard - View your ecard
  2. Resend Notification Email - Resend notification email
  3. Copy Ecard - Copy ecard
  4. Delete Ecard - Delete ecard
  5. Ecard Delivery Data - Track notification email (see below for more details)

Sample row

Design Card Date Queue Date Read Receipt Read Date To Actions
ecard image 05-Feb-2014, 05:33 No    test@test.com Preview Ecard Resend Notification Email Copy Ecard Delete Ecard Ecard Delivery Data

2. Track Your Ecard

For ecards sent after 16th January 2014, this option is available: Ecard Delivery Data

Click on the icon to see more details about the notification email sent to the recipient (this is only available for SENT ecards which are less than 1 month old)

You will see information similar to the details below

There are some key points to bear in mind here:

  1. Check the "Send Diagnostic Result - that gives you some feedback about how the send process went when we sent the notification email to the recipient. If there is something that looks like an error message, that might help explain why your ecard was not read - because the email did not reach the recipient.
  2. If there is information listed under the "Email Open Stats" that means that our email provider (called Mandrill) has been able to detect that the notification email has been opened. Please note that the detailed information tracking email opens is not held on our system but is held on Mandrill's system.
  3. If your notification email has been opened, but the "Read Date" column on the row for the ecard on the sent-ecards page is empty, that means that the notification email has been opened, but the recipient did not click on the link to open the ecard.
  4. Mandrill cannot always provide a cast iron guarantee that an email has been opened (due to the huge range of different ways people can access emails (e.g. via PC / Mac / via phones / tablets etc)). Therefore you may see cases where an ecard has been read (Read Date has a date in it), but the email check page does not show any details in the "Email Open Stats" section of the tracking page.

Send Details

Sent Date 29/01/2014 19:45:54
State sent
Subject Fred Bloggs has sent you a jimpix card
Email To me@you.com
Sent Diagnostic Result 250 2.0.0 s0TJjwHT002821 Message accepted for delivery

Email Open Stats

Open Location Open IP Opened User Agent Opened Date
England, GB WindowsWindows 7Windows Live MailWindows Live Mail 05/02/2014 23:26:37

Still Stuck?

If you are still stuck, or have any other issues with the site which you need assistance with, please get in touch and I'll do what I can to help.