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About Passphrases

A lot of people have a huge number of accounts covering all of life's necessities, from banking to streaming music, to holiday bookings etc etc etc.

While there is no longer a need to remember passwords with the advent of password management solutions like 1Password, sometimes there can still be a need to remember an actual password.

I saw this password strength post on XKCD, which was posted on 10th August 2011.

The summary at the end of the comic strip sums things up very concisely:

Through 20 years of effort, we've successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess.

There's a lengthy piece about the XKCD approach via

There is also some useful info on OXTA's article here: Password vs. Passphrase: Differences Defined & Which Is Better?.


  1. 5 reasons why a passphrase is better
    1. Passphrases are easier to remember than passwords. A random collection of numbers and symbols can be difficult to keep track of, which can mean that users often make it simpler to remember them. A passphrase is usually not as hard to remember.
    2. Passphrases are difficult to crack through brute force. Many password-cracking tools work to break down 10-character passwords. Since passphrases are longer, they can be much more secure and safe from these tools.
    3. Passwords are easily hacked by password-cracking tools and robots as well as by humans. People do not like to change passwords and tend to stick to things that they can remember, making them more easily guessed.
    4. Most major applications and OS (operating systems) allow for up to 127 characters and the use of passphrases for optimal security.
    5. A passphrase can easily satisfy complex rules and requirements for passwords, as most allow for punctuation and uppercase and lowercase letters.
XKCD Password Strength

Here's the XKCD comic strip post this is based on:

Password Strength