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Jimpix.co.uk is a small independent website based in North-West England. I started it in December 1999.

I run the site as a hobby, as it's a fun place to learn about web technology, do something with ecards and to have a tinker with username generator related stuff as I like silly word combinations.

Site Info

Simply Cloud, since July 2015
Additional Host
Amazon AWS, since June 2019 for some static content like CSS and JS
CSS Framework
Twitter Bootstrap
Transactional Emails

Change Log

πŸ“† 2020 [39]

πŸ“† 2019 [7]

πŸ“† 2018 [9]

πŸ“† 2017 [34]

πŸ“† 2016 [2]

πŸ“† 2015 [6]

πŸ“† 2014 [8]

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πŸ“† 2011 [1]

πŸ“† 2010 [3]

πŸ“† 2009 [1]

Other Info


Number Sent, Last 7 Days 187
Number Sent, Last 30 Days 896
Number of Ecards 1,142
Number of Photo Ecards 1,297

Username Generators

87% of this site's traffic goes to 2 pages, which are the username generators:

All of the username flavours are on the usernames homepage.