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chull up a pair

pull up a chair » chull up a pair » chullupapair

bunching on miscuits

munching on biscuits » bunching on miscuits » bunchingonmiscuits

knare f*ckle bighting

bare knuckle fighting » knare f*ckle bighting » knaref*cklebighting

tock's clicking

clock's ticking » tock's clicking » tock'sclicking

bot letter

lot better » bot letter » botletter

catty fake

fatty cake » catty fake » cattyfake

bat falls

fat balls » bat falls » batfalls

bow's creak

crow's beak » bow's creak » bow'screak

titch off the swap

switch off the tap » titch off the swap » titchofftheswap

blooden wocks

wooden blocks » blooden wocks » bloodenwocks