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gimming swoggles

swimming goggles » gimming swoggles » gimmingswoggles

fattered bish

battered fish » fattered bish » fatteredbish

hicnic pamper

picnic hamper » hicnic pamper » hicnicpamper

rash in the bibs

bash in the ribs » rash in the bibs » rashinthebibs

scunken drotsmen

drunken scotsmen » scunken drotsmen » scunkendrotsmen

baptop lag

laptop bag » baptop lag » baptoplag

goiled soods

soiled goods » goiled soods » goiledsoods

pinger on the fulse

finger on the pulse » pinger on the fulse » pingeronthefulse

mard huscle

hard muscle » mard huscle » mardhuscle

lung stip

stung lip » lung stip » lungstip

peese chastie

cheese pastie » peese chastie » peesechastie

pushy meas

mushy peas » pushy meas » pushymeas

mike a stratch

strike a match » mike a stratch » mikeastratch

gust a but

bust a gut » gust a but » gustabut

slack bapper

back slapper » slack bapper » slackbapper

mippery sleat

slippery meat » mippery sleat » mipperysleat

lip shofting

shop lifting » lip shofting » lipshofting

loken breg

broken leg » loken breg » lokenbreg

joking smacket

smoking jacket » joking smacket » jokingsmacket

clack boal

black coal » clack boal » clackboal

slipe and pippers

pipe and slippers » slipe and pippers » slipeandpippers

fingling tingers

tingling fingers » fingling tingers » finglingtingers

sucked from the plea

plucked from the sea » sucked from the plea » suckedfromtheplea

shift laring

lift sharing » shift laring » shiftlaring

stot and huffy

hot and stuffy » stot and huffy » stotandhuffy

bot hun

hot bun » bot hun » bothun

lowing flocks

flowing locks » lowing flocks » lowingflocks

bunching on miscuits

munching on biscuits » bunching on miscuits » bunchingonmiscuits

slaving pabs

paving slabs » slaving pabs » slavingpabs

hox bedge

box hedge » hox bedge » hoxbedge

bamb lurger

lamb burger » bamb lurger » bamblurger

chall and smeap

small and cheap » chall and smeap » challandsmeap

smig bile

big smile » smig bile » smigbile

litch off the swight

switch off the light » litch off the swight » litchofftheswight

bummy tug

tummy bug » bummy tug » bummytug

leen greaves

green leaves » leen greaves » leengreaves

shastic pleet

plastic sheet » shastic pleet » shasticpleet

chat fap

fat chap » chat fap » chatfap

belly jabies

jelly babies » belly jabies » bellyjabies

nicky stotes

sticky notes » nicky stotes » nickystotes

mone stason

stone mason » mone stason » monestason

sorning mickness

morning sickness » sorning mickness » sorningmickness

sarming woup

warming soup » sarming woup » sarmingwoup

flub the scroor

scrub the floor » flub the scroor » flubthescroor

hox funting

fox hunting » hox funting » hoxfunting

hobble my bair

bobble my hair » hobble my bair » hobblemybair

bock of flirds

flock of birds » bock of flirds » bockofflirds

slinks of weep

winks of sleep » slinks of weep » slinksofweep

rots of spust

spots of rust » rots of spust » rotsofspust

bunching my mutties

munching my butties » bunching my mutties » bunchingmymutties