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dizzy frink

fizzy drink » dizzy frink » dizzyfrink

spiny tider

tiny spider » spiny tider » spinytider

fake a tag

take a fag » fake a tag » fakeatag

sputtery buds

buttery spuds » sputtery buds » sputterybuds

cop p0rn

pop corn » cop p0rn » copp0rn

bonkey mars

monkey bars » bonkey mars » bonkeymars

slack blash

black slash » slack blash » slackblash

winted tindows

tinted windows » winted tindows » wintedtindows

pig buddles

big puddles » pig buddles » pigbuddles

bumping jeans

jumping beans » bumping jeans » bumpingjeans

balf a hun

half a bun » balf a hun » balfahun

muttery buffins

buttery muffins » muttery buffins » mutterybuffins

nicky stotes

sticky notes » nicky stotes » nickystotes

mippery sleat

slippery meat » mippery sleat » mipperysleat

knare f*ckle bighting

bare knuckle fighting » knare f*ckle bighting » knaref*cklebighting

chunch in the pin

punch in the chin » chunch in the pin » chunchinthepin


stalemate » malestate » malestate

chaw rips

raw chips » chaw rips » chawrips

chunching on mips

munching on chips » chunching on mips » chunchingonmips

dairy hog

hairy dog » dairy hog » dairyhog

nasp the grettle

grasp the nettle » nasp the grettle » naspthegrettle

jintshire flob

flintshire job » jintshire flob » jintshireflob

pick as a sarrott

sick as a parrott » pick as a sarrott » pickasasarrott

link pamb

pink lamb » link pamb » linkpamb

plumber nate

number plate » plumber nate » plumbernate

halloping gorses

galloping horses » halloping gorses » hallopinggorses

lip on your traces

trip on your laces » lip on your traces » liponyourtraces

rishing fod

fishing rod » rishing fod » rishingfod

meamy crash

creamy mash » meamy crash » meamycrash

gimming swoggles

swimming goggles » gimming swoggles » gimmingswoggles

twickers in a nist

knickers in a twist » twickers in a nist » twickersinanist

sproiled cing

coiled spring » sproiled cing » sproiledcing

bollar cone

collar bone » bollar cone » bollarcone

mad bother

bad mother » mad bother » madbother

catty fake

fatty cake » catty fake » cattyfake

bovely liscuits

lovely biscuits » bovely liscuits » bovelyliscuits

churger and bips

burger and chips » churger and bips » churgerandbips

peen greas

green peas » peen greas » peengreas

brick your pain

pick your brain » brick your pain » brickyourpain

pam judding

jam pudding » pam judding » pamjudding

dark skin

skark din » dark skin » darkskin

mewish jan

jewish man » mewish jan » mewishjan

bashing win

washing bin » bashing win » bashingwin

boat with a cobble on

coat with a bobble on » boat with a cobble on » boatwithacobbleon

nainted pails

painted nails » nainted pails » naintedpails

dicy spuck

spicy duck » dicy spuck » dicyspuck

flunch of bowers

bunch of flowers » flunch of bowers » flunchofbowers

clut nusters

nut clusters » clut nusters » clutnusters

grippery slass

slippery grass » grippery slass » gripperyslass

fetal milling

metal filling » fetal milling » fetalmilling